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Honor God with mind, body, and soul; 

to  Be Healthy on Purpose in Every area of Life 

My 50th Birthday 

April 20, 2020

          Bhealthy on Purpose was created because it represented everything I was and was not in my life. Although I was healthy in one area, and I was unhealthy in other areas of my life. I was physically healthy and fit, career healthy, emotionally stable, but spiritually struggling and relationally unhealthy.  In my 50 years, I learned that there is a lesson and a test in every life situation that God is trying to teach us, and we must pass it; or He will not move us to the next phase until we get it. It will seem like we are moving forward until same familiar place comes back again. 

          Today I turned 50, I am so thankful that God has allowed me to live here on this earth for 50 years, that is a blessing in itself. I decided to wait this day to post my first blog, why because today it is the beginning of the next 50 years of my life. Today I will live my life being healthy on purpose in every area of my life, not just the areas that gives me comfort; but those areas that challenges me, those areas that takes me out of my comfort zone. I will live the next 50 acknowledging God in every area of my life, I will live my life leaning on God’s understanding and not my own. I will seek God for His knowledge and wisdom; I will submit myself to Him, resist the devil, so he will flee from me. I will do everything my Father in Heaven has purposed me to do.

          I say all this because it took me almost 50 years of my life to realize I was still in my own head, not allowing God to be Lord of my life; so He had to allow certain things to happen just to get my undivided attention. Some of things that that took place did not feel good; because, I was not practicing being healthy on purpose in every area of my life. I was only comfortable in areas where I was winning. Today, God has my undivided attention, my God is very creative, and He knows how to get what He wants. Today I will now longer walk in fear, but in power, love, and with a sound mind. I will not be afraid to go after everything that God has for me; I realized that God is always in control, and is always working behind the scenes on my behalf.  One thing about growth, is that it don’t happen without pain.

“Growth becomes visible when the circle is no longer closed, but straight line moving in a forward direction; meaning I got the lesson, I passed the test, now I can accomplish the rest.”


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