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BHealthy on Purpose provides counseling/coaching services

to help individuals improve their overall well-being

spiritually, mentally and physically!


BHealthy on Purpose mission is to help individuals and families spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically to transforming their minds, and beliefs to having a purpose to be healthy in every area of their life. It’s about changing actions, and behaviors to have the health that God desires His people to have. It is about modifying how each live and how each think about life to improve individuals  overall well-being. God only gave us one mind, so we should use it wisely. Living a healthy lifestyle becomes simple when it becomes a purpose, versus an everyday challenge. Make it a purpose to live for a purpose, and live as the wise and not as the unwise. Let's not lean on our own understanding; but,  acknowledge God in everything and every decision we make.

Couples/Marriage Counseling

For those who are in a romantic relationship. It is common for couples to enter couples counseling while in the dating phase of their relationship. Couples will learn basic tools to help improve communication and resolve conflict. 

$115 for 60 minutes

$145 for 90 minutes



It is designed to help family members and blended families to improve communication and resolve conflict, and to be able yo adjust to a healthy loving family. 

$125 for 60 minutes 

$155 for 90 minutes



For individuals to explore their feelings, beliefs, and behaviors; and work through challenging or influential memories. Identify aspects of their lives they would to improve, live healthier, set personal goals, and work toward desired more fulfilling life. 

$85 for 60 minutes

$115 for 90 minutes

Pre-Marital Counseling

Save Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) assessment is used to provide premarital counseling. There is an initial assessment completed by each partner separate from one another; I asked that you complete before your first appointment. On average, premarital counseling typically takes 6-8 sessions to complete, but there are exceptions where that can be extended as needed based on assessment results.

$115 for 60 minutes

$575 for 6 sessions, 60m

$685 for 8 sessions, 60m

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